Lights, Camera, Action!

Oklahoma is a fast-growing destination for the film industry. Major studio productions and low-budget independent films are flocking to our state, creating a high demand for local actors, technicians, and crew members.

Our Film Industry Training Program, comprised of individual courses, is led by industry professionals who teach courses to hone your skills for success in front of and behind the camera.

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    Foundations of Set Painting for Film

    Set the stage with your creativity. In this hands-on class, you will learn the basic skills needed to work as a scenic painter in the film industry. Each step of the set painting process will be covered, from plaster to character aging. Plus, you will gain an understanding of expectations and etiquette for a professional film crew. Take your skills to the next level in one of the state’s fastest-growing industries.

    Film 101

    Gain basic knowledge of the production process for entry-level positions on film, TV, or commercial sets. Learn department crew roles, essential vocabulary used on set, and more in order to enter the exciting and fast-paced world of film and television production.

    Intro to Film Transportation

    This hands-on course introduces you to the specific skills vital to working in a Transportation Department for film and television. You’ll learn everything from industry-specific terminology to setting up a proper basecamp as well as integral set protocols.

    Entertainment Payroll

    Just like everything in the film industry, payroll has its own unique flavor. This class will help you learn the ins and outs of payroll in the entertainment business before you apply for the job. It provides a Payroll 101 overview and an understanding of Area Standards Agreements (ASA) for all unions operating in Oklahoma and distant hires, non-union workers, Directors Guild of America employees, Teamsters, and Screen Actors Guild (SAG) employees.

    Location Scouting and Management

    This course teaches you how to be that master planner. Learn about city permitting, utility regulations, interdepartmental regulations, and everything that goes into organizing a film project.

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