Canadian Valley Technology Center

Oklahoma City, Ok

About CVTC

Canadian Valley Technology Center’s Workforce Development team has been helping businesses in Canadian and Grady counties become safer and more profitable since 1970. We specialize in affordable, customized industry and safety training to increase productivity, growth and profits. We believe all of our clients are unique with needs as diverse as the products and services they manufacture and provide.

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Workforce Development

Empowering individuals by equipping them with skills relevant to the job market’s future needs, leading to higher production for employers and higher earning potential for employees.

Training Programs

Short-Term Courses

Each technology center provides access to short-term courses, designed to be cost-effective and offered in a shorter timeframe than career programs. Short-term courses teach specific skills that lead to possible certifications, meet continuing education requirements, introduce new training concepts and more. With options for personal enrichment and special interests, short-term courses check the box for individuals and businesses to get ahead and take on the next challenge.

Career Programs

Career Programs at each technology center provide an array of educational pathways based on individual interests. Programs vary by campus and include the traditional to the cutting-edge learning experience. Career programs are offered in half-and full-day sessions, some of which can be completed in a few months. Faculty and staff at each technology center work with businesses in surrounding communities to pair graduates with available jobs, assuring a perpetual educated and skilled workforce. This successful formula is more than five decades in the making.

Customized Training Programs

Onward OKC’s customized training programs are designed to advance the workforce of companies in the OKC metropolitan area.  Our primary goal is to help businesses increase productivity, grow their employees and raise profits. Onward OKC’s staff work with business clients through a step-by-step process to assess, analyze and then deliver customized & cost-effective training to meet their specific needs.  Onward OKC partners with industry experts in the areas of aerospace, industrial maintenance, health & safety, leadership & organizational development, back office and information technology.  Last year, Onward OKC helped meet the needs of over 1,680 businesses.

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