Onward OKC can assist your company with streamlining innovative training initiatives focused on workforce training and certification needs. With the business resources of Onward OKC, you’ll empower your business to thrive in a changing economy. You’ll work with industry experts who understand where your business is now and how you can better prepare for upcoming trends. Let Onward OKC assess your workforce training needs and create targeted programs to fill any need to better prepare for your business growth.

Industries Served


The Oklahoma City region alone employs more than 82,000 health care sector workers. Onward OKC provides access and hands-on training for various healthcare programs aimed at making a difference in the wellness and success of communities. Areas of expertise include nursing, dental assisting, biomedical sciences, physical therapy services, medical office administration and more.


Oklahoma's legacy of aerospace innovation is built on the foundation of pioneers who explored high-altitude, long-distance flights in our state. Onward OKC is continuing the legacy by providing the aerospace industry with highly-skilled employees in areas such as aircraft electricians, composite fabrication and repair, aviation maintenance, unmanned aerial systems (UAS) and more.

Computer & Tech Training

With a growing demand for professionals well-versed in computers, data, analytics and information technology, Onward OKC has opportunities to develop your skillset in cyber security, cloud and virtual network administration, programming and software development, web design, support specialists and more.

A Thriving community,
Driven By premier Industries

Onward OKC is committed to encouraging businesses and job growth by providing individuals with the education, skills, and training required to obtain and keep employment. Through short-term courses, career programs, and customized training opportunities, Onward OKC has the resources to provide industry-specific training to better accommodate the needs of companies of all sizes already established or bringing their business to Oklahoma.

Being able to offer such a wide variety of opportunities ensures that areas of interest can be pursued to the highest level, with the satisfaction of knowing that you’re receiving thorough, cutting-edge training and resources. Onward OKC’s vast network of career technology centers and access to education and training programs make Onward OKC the most expensive resource to further your own individual or company-wide goals.



Onward OKC leverages resources across five school districts to support your incumbent workforce through training courses specific to your organization’s needs. We also pride ourselves in creating talent pipelines of prospective employees to develop an awareness of the problems they will solve in the industry. This flexibility allows us to respond quickly to your business’s needs and proactively forecast what skills you will need in your future workforce. Last, our open enrollment programs provide a tremendous recruiting pipeline for your business. Engaging with open enrollment courses allows you to put your business in front of prospective students learning the skills you currently need. We designed many of our open enrollment courses around the anticipated future needs of our metro economy. Backed by data from EMSI/Burning-Glass and the OKC Chamber, we’re able to accurately forecast future needs and recruit instructors to train a larger pool of prospective employees.

Workforce Development

Onward OKC provides skilled labor training and world-class education through our partnerships with companies and our metro area technology centers to include technology, aerospace, trade programs, business development, and more. Programs are flexible and offer skills training for leading positions in Oklahoma City with future growth of our city in mind.

Small Business Development

Both current and aspiring small business owners and entrepreneurs can seek support services, business assistance, and collaboration through Onward OKC to bring their business goals to life. Human capital training and practical solutions for business growth are provided to enhance current business practices.

Training Spaces/Events

Whether you’re hosting a company training or conducting training with our technology center partners, we have meeting venues around the OKC Metro to support your goals. Create your own event with assistance from our partners or know you can host professional training in association with our calendar of events.

Student Placement/Recruitment

Learn how your company can engage with students in our full-time or short-term programs, and recruit new talent directly from our partner schools.


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Francis Tuttle

3841 E. Danforth Road

Edmond, OK 73034

(405) 717-7799
Francis Tuttle

3500 NW 150th Street

Oklahoma City, OK 73134

(405) 717-7799
Francis Tuttle

12777 N Rockwell Avenue

Oklahoma City, OK 73142

(405) 717-7799
Canadian Valley

6505 E Highway 66

El Reno, Ok 73036

(405) 262-2629
Francis Tuttle

7301 W Reno Avenue

Oklahoma City, OK 73127

(405) 717-7799
Metro Tech

1900 Springlake Dr

Oklahoma City, OK 73111

(405) 424-8324
Metro Tech

101 N. Robinson Avenue, Suite 300

Oklahoma City, OK 73102

(405) 595-4090
Metro Tech

5600 S. MacArthur Boulevard.

Oklahoma City, OK 73179

(405) 595-4678
Metro Tech

4901 S. Bryant Avenue

Oklahoma City, OK 73129

(405) 595-4678
Canadian Valley

1701 S Czech Hall Road

Yukon, Ok 73099

(405) 345-3333

1621 Maple Dr

Midwest City, OK 73110

(405) 739-1707

3921 SE 29th Street

Del City, OK 73115

(405) 672-6665

7605 5th Street

Tinker AFB, OK 73145

(405) 734-3507
Moore Norman

13301 S. Pennsylvania

Oklahoma City, OK 73170

(405) 801-5000
Moore Norman

4701 12th Avenue NW

Norman, OK 73069

(405) 801-5000
Canadian Valley

1401 Michigan Ave

Chickasha, Ok 730186

(405) 224-7220
  • Francis Tuttle
  • Canadian Valley
  • Mid-Del
  • Moore Norman
  • Metro Tech


Onward OKC connects sixteen technology center campuses throughout the Greater Oklahoma City area. We offer one compact to help you find the right programs and the right campus for your training needs. Let us help you get started today!



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Let’s help you determine the right path for your success by helping to differentiate between Open Enrollment/Short-Term Programs and Customized Enrollment and Training.


    Short-Term/Open Enrollment is most beneficial to individuals and small businesses. Individuals benefit from open enrollment by learning the exact skills they’re interested in, without the costs and time associated with a full-time program that covers multiple topics. Small Businesses benefit from Short-Term/Open Enrollment programs by finding topics that are important to their business. With a mix of corporate clients and individuals participating in the course, we keep the cost down while also delivering your required training.

    Customized enrollment and training

    Customized Enrollment and Training benefits companies by delivering instructor-led training specific to the problems they’re facing. Customized Training allows for your incumbent workers to tackle real-world scenarios that your business faces. This bespoke delivery model guarantees your business that enrollment is limited to your employees and that the training content precisely covers your needs.

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